Anyone Nervous About Wearing Their Natural Hair to the Rainbeau’s Parents House During the Holidays?

I remember the first time I met The Hubster’s parents. I was more nervous than a swim suit model at a Taliban convention. As I mentioned in my book, “Swirling,” meeting your rainbeau’s parental units can be a source of stress on an interracial relationship, and my experience was no different. So before I left on the plane trip to Connecticut, I made sure my hair was blow dried, pressed and curled to perfection. Since I started dating Mike before I embarked on my natural hair journey, what I did wasn’t anything different than what I’d always done on special occasions.

But when I started the journey and began to wear my hair natural–twist outs, wash-and-go’s (which look terrible on me, much to my chagrin)–I was still nervous about Mike’s parents seeing my hair in the raw because I was looking forward to the awkward explanations about Afro-textured hair to people who hadn’t a clue. But as my confidence grew with styling my hair, and the empowering feeling of embracing my hair in all it’s kinky coily glory, coupled with Mikes growing understanding and support, I decided that the next time my in-laws saw me, I was going to wear my hair the way God made it.

The first time I wore it this way, my mother-in-law said something like, “That’s an interesting style.” Now, knowing her, if she likes something, she’ll say so. If she’s not sure, she’ll say, “That’s interesting.”

I knew my real hair would have to grow on her, but didn’t care. This was who I was, and she would just have to get with the program. Of course she eventually did.

Me and “Mom” last summer at their home in Connecticut

Ironically, the person who still seems to be uncomfortable about my natural hair is my mother, who drops not-so-subtle hits about how my hair would be so gorgeous straightened.

Tips to Get Your Natural Hair Holiday Ready

Wear a style you feel most comfortable wearing. When you feel confident, it shows. If you give off the impression that you’re insecure with your hair, don’t be surprised if others pick up on the vibe.

Now is not the time to experiment. If you’re thinking of wearing a new look, try it first at home.

Stay with the tried-and-true hair products that have worked best on your hair in the past.

Jazz up your every day style with some dressy earrings and some hair bling.