Product Pick: Bright Eyes and Maximum Exfoliation

I’ve written about my favorite skin care line, Innovative Skin Care/IS CLINICAL for a while, and there’s a reason for it–the stuff just works. BB&W moderator, Eugenia, can attest to the awesomeness of it too, so you know I’m not just making this stuff up because they advertise with us.

All Eyes on You


But what I have focused on enough is the Restorative Eye Complex, because honestly, when the company first sent it to me I really didn’t think I’d need it. I didn’t have any wrinkles or dark circles. Yet I used it anyway, and something interesting happened. There was more of a smoothness and brightness that was definitely noticeable. The photo below is completely untouched, and I don’t have a lick of make up on.

Also, keep in mind that I’ll be 40 next year. This IS NOT natural, in the sense that I was not arbitrarily blessed with good skin. I work SUPER hard at it, which only gives the illusion that it’s carefree maintenance.

Benefits of the eye cream:
–Smoothes, hydrates and reduces under-eye wrinkles
–Reduces puffiness and dark circles
–Improves skin firmness and elasticity
offers immediate and long term results
–Helps prevent DNA damage

The key ingredients are peptides, hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E, gotu kola, cooper tripeptides, and some other fancy-schmancy stuff.

The bottle is small, but since you only need a dab of it, a little goes a long way. Oh, and it ain’t cheap. It’s $78 of very well-spent dinero.


The second item added to my Innovative Skin Care arsenal is the Exfoliating Enzyme Treatment. I know I keep nagging about this, but exfoliation is key to healthy, glowing skin. It also reduces the likelihood of blackheads, white heads, and lemon heads. (Just added the last one to make sure you were paying attention.)


Again, at $78 a pop, it’s pricy. But if it works, it’s worth every dang-on penny. You can’t be all cheap with your skin ladies. It’s the only one you’ll have until you die. If it’s any reassurance to you, the directions say you need only use the product once every two weeks–it’s just that effective. Key ingredients are papya enzymes and micro-beads and copper to firms, hydrate and stimulate collagen production.