UPDATE: WE HAVE A WINNER!! Tell Us ‘How It Happened for You’ Get $200 Worth of Girlie Stuff!


Gosh,  it was a hard call trying to decide on the winner–all the stories were amazing. But one in particular really stood out to me. It was the story of Jason and Shenikwa.

So… Here is the story of Jason and Shenikwa, and really meant for all women there.  I will try and condense as much as I can.  I made it widely known among my friends that I date and am attracted to White men.  I then was advised on March 7, 2003 that a friend of mine had a guy that I might like, and wanted me to give him a call.  I was going to lunch that day and got in my car and took his number out of my purse and got ready to throw it out the window.  So very clearly God said to me “What if he is the one?”  I called him and had a great initial conversation.  He then asked me if I wanted to go out the next day to do something while he was still in town (he was a truck driver at the time OTR), and I said sure.  I thought to myself that if this guy wanted to do movie and a dinner I would say no and pretended like I never met him because I was tired of boring and typical.  I asked him what he wanted to do, and he told me that there was a new exhibit at the museum of nature and science that he had been dying to see, but never had the time or good company.  I was thrilled.  I met him the next day, and everything fell right into line.  He was a great conversationalist, talking enough about himself and adding in questions about me to allow him to get to know me better.  He had the most amazing sea green eyes, and smile that melted me away.  We later went for Thai food, and during that time he grabbed my hand looked into my eyes and told me how much fun he had with me, and how beautiful he found me to be.  Ohhhh swoon!  Anyway, we got together each time that he was in town, and had a blast each time.  We did the deed a couple of times and while it was FABULOUS we both knew that this relationship was more than that.  On March 7th 2004, he took me back to the DMNS, and proposed to me in the line of the Planitarium.  We went later to speak with a Pastor that we both loved and wanted to marry us.  He asked if we were living together (no) and if we were intimate together (yes!) and if either of those were happening he wouldn’t marry us because it wasn’t biblical.  Jason looked me in the eye with all seriousness and said “I love this woman and want to spend the rest of my life loving her and being blessed with her.  That blessing can only be given from God.  We will create this covenant.”  I wasn’t thrilled at the time, but knew it was the right decision.  We were married May 7, 2005.  During the time of our engagement, Jason bought a house for us and moved me in.  When he came home during his off times, he would visit with me in the house and then go to his semi and sleep.  He truly was my blessing from God because he loves Him more than me, and because of that our family sees great sacrifice and worth in him. When we had our son Solomon on May 30th, 2009, Jason stayed home with him the first year of his life, and then we tag teamed out and he has supported our family happily.  The covenant that we created with God allowed us not only to be happily married, but also madly in love with each other after nine years together.  That being said, when we met I was heavyset and he gave me courage and support to shed the weight that was not only psychical but mental as well.  I truly and honestly married my best friend and someone who has my back, front and side at all times.  To this day he still remembers what I wore on our first date.  The point of the story is if you are looking, let your friends, family and everyone know WHAT you are looking for!  When it comes, take it all as it exactly is and settle for nothing less than what you want.  While weight and style matter, when the right one comes along, nothing can deter it.  It might actually encourage it!

So Shenikwa, send us your deets to karazin AT gmail DOT COM, and we’ll send these wonderful prizes to you!


Okay all you successfully boo-ed up ladies who have made swirling work for you, it’s time you dish the deets. One of the most common questions I get from women new to interracial dating is, “how the heck did this whole thing work?” Where were these women when they met their mates? How did these guys approach them? How long did they date before marriage was discussed? How’d his/her family react–coronary or stroke?

For the ladies who have successfully dated, mated and related and have a couple kids in tow or a bun in the oven, share your story and you’ll get the MOTHER of all Mother’s Day Gifts.

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Contest rules: Sorry international BB&W Crew members, U.S. residents only. Post your story in the comments section below and me an the other editors will vote on the grand swirl mama in time for your Mother’s Day to be the best-est. Husbands, you’re welcome to enter on behalf of your wives.