The Top 11 Reasons I Can’t Write a Decent Blog Today:

First things first, I gotta say, this blog is becoming such an intelligent, empowering and supportive community. I am astonished, humbled and grateful that it has happened so quickly, and I feel like I’m part of a sisterhood.

So…now that we’re family, I can show my butt. And you’ll STILL have to love me.

In the almost two weeks I have been wooing, cajoling, and seducing you to Beyond Black & White, certain things related to family and housekeeping have been, well, grossly neglected.

So with that, I present the” Top 11 Reasons I Can’t Write a Decent Blog Today”:

1. My hair is a H.A.M. A couple of birds have come dangerously close to my head bearing twigs and other accouterments in hopes of building their starter home.

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