Update on My No-Sugar Beach Body Goal; Whole Outfit Designed Around Tanisha’s “Red” Post!

Don’t know if you’ve taken Tanisha, our beauty and fashion editorm up on her offer for a free “ask a stylist” consultation, but you dang-well should. Her recent posts about what reds to wear according to your skin tone FINALLY helped me find my personal ‘red,’ Make Up Forever, No. 42.

Based on finding that color, I was able to build an entire poolside outfit on stuff I already had in my drawers, like the Shabby Apple swimsuit I modeled last season, and that gigantic beach hat I adore from Colibar.

Just see for yourself:


Special credit also to Constance Dunn, author of “Practical Glamour: Presenting Your Most Beautiful & Polished Self to the World,” who recently did a podcast on how to pose properly for a photo…


And then a photo montage by my very talented hubster…


And that’s not all. Tanisha helped me pick a gorgeous-yet-conservative outfit to wear at the “Swirling” book signing at Eso Wan on May 15. Also, a MUST buy (or library check out) “The Science of Sexy: Dress to Fit Your Unique Figure with the Style System That Works for Every Shape and Size.” Thanks to that book, I realized I am an “upside-down triangle midget.” BUT! The book gives tips on how NOT to look like an upside-down-triangle midget, from everything the top of your head to the soles of your feet. More importantly, I learned what NOT to wear.

As an aside, I am very proud of my five-month-quest for my beach/bikini body and all the applications from the “Exercises of the Week.” Combined with a low sugar diet and an ungodly amount of vitamins, I feel–and think–I look great. I wear a size 4. Awesome-sauce.

Thanks everybody for your encouragement, and I hope the post and videos have been helpful for you too.