“You Chose Him!” But Really, If You’re Living in the Hood, What Choice Do You REALLY Have?

I don’t know if any of you were on my Facebook page today, but I about burst a gasket when Dr. Boyce Watkins co-signed this photo:

A slurry of men co-signed the post, ‘talkin ’bout “Truth hurts!” and “Let them hoes know!” (I’m just kidding about that last comment but the tone of the convo wasn’t far off from that). I responded with this:

Still fuming, I took the conversation to my page in which I added:

In regards to the “Baby Daddy” t-shirt mess, I have a question: If a woman has to choose between dog shit, pig shit and bird shit, what, pray tell, would be the best choice? And because her choices were all shit, there’s a 100% chance she’s made a bad choice. Yet, some folk STILL want to blame many black women and girls for choosing the fathers of their children poorly. FACT: Many boys in the hood are not going to be good partners and fathers. The black community is in chaos. The few boys who are rising above are hot commodities and women fight tooth and nail for these men. YET, it ALL the woman’s fault. Ugh. This blaming has got to stop. My goal is the show black women and girls who have not YET had children to know marriage and/or commitment is something that they deserve, and not a lotto fantasy.

A key reason I organized No Wedding No Womb! was to quite with the blaming. I’m particularly annoyed at how the black community is so comfortable blaming women for EVERYTHING, which in turn, let’s the men be responsible for NOTHING. That’s why we are in the shambles we are in. More and more, I feel it’s my duty and everyone else who is with me to steer young childless black girls and women out of this insanity.

So much to do…