Three Beauty Looks That Are So Right Now

It’s winter. We’re feeling it. We are mostly wearing dark clothes like black, grey, and burgundy. Most days, if we are honest, we really don’t feel like getting out of bed. The longer nights and oft-times dreariness of the season put most of us in a funk. So how do we get ourselves out of this funk? Throw some color on it…literally. Here are three beauty trends that are so right now, that maybe they will give you just the kick in the rump that you need.


So you say you’re ‘lazy’ and you don’t feel like doing work, at all. How about five minutes worth? Using a nude lip–no liner necessary–one shimmery eye shadow that is semi nude and black or color of choice liquid liner for a pop of color. Hint: brown eyes looks fabulous next to blue or navy blue line, green eyes next to purple or violet and blue eyes next to brown or chocolate brown eye liner.

Get The Look: Going Mod


Winter makes you want to tap into your dark side, wear darker colors or create a ‘go ahead and look but know that I bite’ aura. Well this look is for you. Last season, Oxblood aka Burgundy made a big splash on the scene, and it would seem that she is here to stay in all her glory. But here’s an update. Instead of wearing a smoky eye with an oxblood lip, try a shimmery bronze or gold eyeshadow all over the lids, tons of mascara or falsies, a bronzy (reddish brown) blush and voila, you’ve now pulled Oxblood out of the bowels of Hades and given her life again.

Oxblood Redux


So you’re tired of the greys, blacks, browns, and oxbloods.. to hell with them.. You want to stand out. Stare death..erm winter in the face and say bite me, I’m bold, I’m my own woman, move out of my way. Well here is a look for the Aquarian, the rebel, the girl or woman who doesn’t have time to fall in step.. But here’s the kicker…this look is a classic with a modern…how should we say? Kick…. Instead of using a red lip, try tangerine or a more deeper orange color on the lip and wing out your liner. Also try a cream blush instead of powder, it looks more natural, and before you ask, yes you can wear cream blush if you have oily skin, in fact it looks better with this skin type. That pop of color on your lips just may brighten your day.

Classical Beauty: Beauty Look
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