Color U Bold: Eyebrow Tutorial


I often get complimented by people about my eyebrows! So, when I went scrolling down Beyond Black and White’s Facebook Page I noticed that one of you lovely readers wanted a brow tutorial from me! I, like so many, love just natural brows but my brows aren’t natural I have to feel them in to create an illusion of fuller brows. Just like with makeup we want to enhance our already gorgeous selves not completely change it! Here’s my Tutorial for creating brows that look like your own in 4 Simple Steps.


Step 1: Outline your brows. 

Take a eyebrow pencil in a shade a little lighter than your own(I took a dark brown) and outline how you want your brows to look top and bottom. If you want more of an arch, create it. If you need more on the end outline your brows to your liking but do not go beyond the eye.

Step 2: Fill in Your brows

Fill in your brows with a lighter eyebrow powder. I like to take an espresso colored eyeshadow and feel in my brows.

Step 3: Clean It Up

Take a nude or beige pencil and outline your brows on top and bottom to sharpen everything up. It helps to clean it up and make any unwanted hairs disappear. Blend it out seamlessly. Try to stay away from the front of your brows as we want that to look the most natural.

Step 4: Blend Everything Out

Using a spooly, comb your brows outward and upward and you’re done!

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