7 Qualities Gardeners Have that Make Them Marriage Material

Hobbies can tell a lot about a person. For example, men who skydive, street race, or snow board might be adrenaline junkies. Coin collectors might be bookish. But there’s more than a few qualities that gardener’s have that make them excellent marriage material Let’s take a look.

They’re Nurturing

Gardeners have to plant, water and care for a tiny seed with extreme care in order for it to grow to it’s maximum potential. When a plant is “sick” with a disease or bug infestation, the good gardener identifies the problem and treatment when the plant is unable to take care of itself.

Patience and Delayed Gratification

Some plants take years to grow and bear fruit, and in the meantime, you have to have the patience to see the bigger picture and know that eventually, that plant you care for can and will give you a lifetime of fruit.

Planning and Organization

When it’s the fall and winter, gardeners are planning their spring and summer crops. In the spring and summer, they’re plotting their fall and winter gardens. They know which plants grow well together, and which ones hate to be near them. They have to have the foresight to measure out how tiny plantings could eventually take up a ton of space and organize their plots accordingly.

Consideration for the World 

A good gardener knows that little needs to go to waste when it comes to the circle of life. Old plants are ripped out and put into the compost bin to decompose and eventually feed new plants. While non-gardeners see kitchen scraps like banana peels and egg shells as trash, gardeners see fodder for a rich fertilizer.

We’re Generally Fit and in Good Health

Gardeners are super proud of the things they grow and never miss the opportunity to enjoy their fruits of their labor. All those fruits and vegetables are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, cancer-fighting antioxidants, protein and fiber which lends to general good health. The reduction of chemicals in processed foods allows for the body to operate at it’s optimal level.

They Believe in Doing for Self

People who grow their own food don’t depend on grocery stores to provide for them–they have an entire living farmers market in their backyard. If there’s a lot left over, a gardener might see an opportunity to sell or trade their crops within their communities.

Vegetable Gardeners are Really Great Cooks

Gardeners are some of the most creative and skilled cooks around, because they’re always researching and experimenting new ways of preparing the foods they harvest.

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