A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words: Increasing Your Matches

Written by Saran Lawson

Every New Year there are goals that we set out for ourselves. Some goals are unrealistic to achieve in a shorter time span. Others are a little more within our reach. Changing your relationship status is one resolution you can get help with. You may have been scouring the net for ways to spruce up your profile to garner more attention. Consider this your best digital destination. There are ways to get valuable attention to your dating profile. Believe it or not, it’s a lot easier than hiring a professional to make you seem more attractive. The good thing is, you can do this yourself.


The first thing that grabs a person’s attention when they visit your profile is your pictures. Some online daters make the big mistake of adding several pictures with their friends in it. I’ve seen profiles where it is hard to make out a face on a profile. The profiles that seem to be more successful feature clearly taken pictures showing them doing an activity or traveling. You may not have a cool photo of yourself being adventurous. Keep that in mind when you try indoor wall climbing or travel to the beach. The pictures you should take now are:


  • Clear pictures that show your natural smile. It’s been proven in research that a photo with a genuine smile attracts more attention. A study by Gole, Mast, and Lobmaier, Something to smile about: the interrelationship between attractiveness and emotional expression, published in 2013 found that a happy facial expression could compensate for unattractiveness.
  • Posting a full body photo can increase your traffic alone. According to the app Zoosk, a full body photo can increase the likelihood of receiving messages by 203%. Ladies this is a big one. I have had profiles without full body photos that have done passively ok, but when I add a full-length photo my messages triple every time.
  • Leave other people out of your photos. It’s extremely annoying to play everyone’s least favorite online dating game of, which one is user 6785. Most people give up half way through and pass by this sort of profile.
  • Choose photos of you doing something. So, you may not have a ton of vacation pictures or fitness model type photos. However, you can have a friend take a picture of you reading a book or watering the flowers in your garden. Whatever your interests are, it’s good to show you doing them in your pictures.
  • Try to alternate your main profile picture every week, and keep the photos on your page up to date. It avoids an awkward meetup where you show up with Feb 2019 you instead of the March 1995 you that you posted.

There is a reason there is the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. Your profile picture can communicate volumes before you ever write a word on your profile. Putting your best foot forward is a must when playing the dating game online. You want to give yourself the best chance at finding the perfect match, especially when there are so many other profiles to comb through. There is no harm in trying this advice, it could land you the love of your life.

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