Alan Eschenburg Answers Questions About “Simply Straight” Progressive Straightener

Since I did a demonstration on Belegenza’s Simply Straight on Maxi-Me’s hair, there’s been a lot of questions that we’ve been getting. This latest one, along with Alan Eschenburg’s answer, might be helpful for those who still have some questions and concerns.


I have african american keratin treated hair. I have a few questions about the Simply straight product. How does the product work? Is it a treatment that I do once a months? weekly? daily?

Are the result permanent? How long do the results lasts? I saw that its compatible with keratin treated hair, Is there a different set of instructions to following for keratin treated hair? After treating my hair with simply straight,do I have to use sufur free, chloride free shampoo in order to avoid reverting my hair?…( meaning to avoid making the hair curl back again)

Thank for answering my questions.

P.S: I saw a lady online who used the product on her daughter who is natural and its turned out amazing!!! I’m very curious about your products

Here’s Alan’s response…

Dear Nadia,

Thanks for you questions. Here are my “Simply Straight Answers.” LOL…

It is very compatible with the keratin treatments. In fact we came out with it to extend the life of relaxers, keratins and other treatments. In doing so, we found that using a Vitamin C complex was a very gentle softening agent to curl patterns. It takes several uses to get a “permanently” uncurled with out product and on virgin/natural hair, it would require many applications over a month to really straighten out the hair. On already treated (keratin or relaxed) it works to make that type of hair supremely healthy and shiny and hold the straightness even in bad humidity!

Also, that Keratin requires salt-free products, we have only made salt-free products from the get-go, given that salt is only used to make products lather more and cheaply at that. We’ve spared no expense, and given that salt is what removes the keratin from the hair, we never allow it in any of our products… so you are safe with us!

How to use is up to you. If you are like me, trying something new can be scary, and I am very conservative with hair, as it is an expensive investment of money, time, and is our crowning glory. I don’t like taking chances, so a little is better in my approach. The thing I would do is to use the Simply Straight (SS) as a blow dry cream on your next styling appointment. If your hair is medium length, I would use about 1 pump worth for the whole head on clean, wet hair. It is very thick, so rub the cream in your hands really well to emulsify and then start blotting your hands on your wet hair to distribute it as evenly as possible. When you start drying you will feel the difference and see that it is more manageable. The next time you shampoo and style, you can adjust it by adding more or less depending on the learning you have gotten from the first application.

If you find that all is good, and you want to smooth out problem areas, like the hair around the hairline or “kitchens” (LOL), you can add more to those spots. If you want to amp up the effect of the process all over, you can also apply it on wet hair, cover it in a plastic cap, and let it sit up to 3 hours! 3 hours sounds like a long time, but what you will find is that it is NOT a relaxer, so you don’t have to worry about breakage! Because you will have experienced it as a blow dry cream, you will find the unique and fantastic conditioning quality that it has, and you will be very comfortable in using it in the more advanced ways….

Nadia… I hope that I have addressed your concerns. Feel free to ask for more clarification if I have not answered it to your satisfaction.

AND, thank you again for inquiring. Also, you can pull up other questions and answers on our website by going to and in the search box, type in your questions for more information as well!

Again, Nadia, thank you!

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