Another Success Story: One Year of IR Dating, Now She’s Getting Married!

I love getting notes like this:

Hi Christelyn! Just wanted to share my success story! My sister told me about your blog a few years ago when I first arrived to the DMV area. Dating absolutely sucked for me. I kept running into men that were looking for a hook up or to be a “dependent” (I’m an Army Officer). After reading and watching your blogs, I stepped out on faith and tried the interracial dating scene. It was awkward at first but after one year of trying I finally met an amazing man! We are getting married this year on May 27th in Maryland!! In true military fashion, I am being moved to another state in July…but you know what?…He’s coming along!! I have NEVER dated anyone who was willing to move around while I completed my career!! He is a retired Army Officer as well so he gets it!! Thank you Christelyn for inspiring us to get out there and spread our wings!!?


In a time where the GAT-DL (Guardians of All Things Dark & Lovely) are actively lobbying for black women to stay in their place and struggle through, this is so refreshing.

Who have YOU shared this blog with? Who do YOU know who needs to see this message?

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