Best Wash-and-Go EVER! Plus Bellegenza “Simply Straight” Review

I’m always happy when I carve enough time to actually bathe before nightfall, and today was such a day. In fact, both me and The Babster both warshed our respective arses and our hair. As usual, The Babster was happy as soon as I got my hands out of her hair, and then it was just the matter of waiting for me to finish up. If you have any idea of the gnat-like patience of a two-year-old, you probably know that she wasn’t gonna sit for an hour while I twisted my hair. So…wash-and-go it was gonna be.

Drum roll…


Bet you’re wondering how I got that definition without twists, huh?


Co-washed with Quidad “Playcurl” Volumizing Conditioner

Quarter-sized amount of Belegenza “Simply Straight”

Quidad Volumizing Mousse

Shea Moisture Organic Yucca & Baobab Thickening Moisture Mist

In other news…

The founder of Belegenza, Alan Eschenburg, has been so sweet about answering our questions about his product line via email, and I just wanted to share a comment from a woman who heard about “Simply Straight” and ordered it:

I tried the Simply Straight Serum before blow drying and flat ironing. Well, keep in my I applied it when my hair was already slightly blow dried. I applied it, blow dried the hair a bit and flat ironed the hair. My hair came out straight and soft. I did this Monday. Yesterday, it was raining. I had raindrop falling on the section where I applied Simply straight. I got home tonight and my hair was still straight and smooth. The hair does not feel dry at all!!! I plan to try it again on Friday. This time I will leave it overnight. I love how it’s working so far, I will keep you up to date on how it turns out.

Like I said, nobody, I mean NOBODY advertises on this site without being screened. Belegenza is the real deal.

By the way, did you know “Simply Straight” can be used as an overnight treatment? I know. It’s news to me too.

If any of you have questions, reach out to Alan via email [email protected]–he’s cool peeps.

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