Black Women Living Well: My Hangout with Jamie and Niki

I recently went to a meet up in Los Angeles where You Tube interracial family stars, Jamie and Niki and Gabe and Babe invited fans to hang out for a while. It’s a rare opportunity, because Jamie and Niki live in Australia and Gabe and Chad (Babe) live in Indiana.  I couldn’t believe all the beautiful black women there–not alone, but with their non-black boyfriends and husbands. There truly is a movement afoot.



And the movement isn’t about revenge or hatred of black men. As I was speaking to the young ladies, many of them simply felt free to pursue ALL men, not just black.



I have so much hope for this new crop of young black women, who are not shackled to the belief that they should have restrictive dating choices based on melanin levels.

Check out the video!

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