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Is Anyone Buying Tyler Perry as an Action Hero? “Alex Cross” Widely Panned by Critics

I’m unsure anyone besides Tyler Perry didn’t see this coming. In a case of negro-stay-in-your-lane, Tyler Perry’s new flick, Alex Cross, is getting a slew of rotten tomatoes thrown his way as most folks think he should just retire his pants and keep on the house dress. This is what happens, Mr. Perry, when you spend that last decade dressed in drag. Did you honestly think anyone would take you seriously as a man fiercely motivated to defend his woman? Plus, uh…many gay people play straight folks so convincingly, but Tyler isn’t one of them. (I know, I know. He hasn’t come out yet, but everybody knows.)

From the New York Times

A grim, dispiritingly stupid waste of time, energy, money and talent, directed by Rob Cohen, this is the first installment in what one of its producers warned Entertainment Weekly would be “the new Tyler Perry franchise, a worldwide one.” Good luck with that, bud.

I’m still in shock that Tyler Perry replaced Idris Elba. IDRIS ELBA?! Those men are continents apart when it comes to sex appeal and acting ability. Hell, they would have done better dusting off Morgan Freeman for the role.

When asked how, and why in God’s name Perry took on the role, he said this:

“I read the script and I was like, ‘I don’t know if I can do this, or if I want to try to take this on,'” he said. “And then I realized that [the] physicality and description [James Patterson] had for Alex Cross in the books, and I said, ‘Wait a minute, this is me.’ And I couldn’t put it down, and I realized I had to do it.

Well…here’s some advice–the first thought is probably the wisest.

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