China Struggles with 33 Million Shortage of Marriageable Women

Black women thought the two million black man shortage was bad. Imagine what Chinese men are going through now that there are 33 million more men than women in their country. Where are all the women? Up until 2015, many Chinese girls didn’t make it past the ultrasound as a result of the country’s horrible one-child policy that left millions and millions of female souls unborn. Now the country is reaping its karma and the Chinese government is desperate to find ways to cope with all the testosterone and sexual compulsions millions of their male, involuntarily celibate men are about to face.

While black women may complain, settle, and cry to their girlfriends about not being about to find a good black man, the estrogen that comprises us is a mostly peaceful hormone. Think long and hard (oops!) about 33 million horny men with all that testosterone and nowhere to direct it. The country is legitimately worried that more sex crimes, kidnappings, crimes of all kinds, and Lord knows what else (wife stealing?) could cause major disruption in their neat and tidy conformist society.

The sheer numbers of unmated men are a further cause for concern. Because they may lack a stake in the existing social order, it is feared that they will become bound together in an outcast culture with the potential for more organised aggression, turning to antisocial behaviour and crime, thereby threatening societal stability and security [SOURCE]

Perhaps China needs to start a program to recruit women of other countries to come there for potential marriage matches. Dating coach programs have proliferated in recent years and could be a boon for the PUA’s here in the U.S. But…even if you can make more nerdy guys seem cool, that doesn’t solve the very real, concrete numbers problem. So how then, will China address this? Will we be seeing more importing of women of other countries, cultures, and nationalities invited to be partners with Chinese men? The very idea has some pretty interesting implications for what the landscape of dating and mating may look like when you add a little chocolate and cinnamon in the ginger.

We shall see. What say all of you about this?

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