What the Cuss?

What the Cuss?! More Media-Driven Anti-Black Woman, Anti-Swirl Propaganda by Way of Arsenio Hall.

A reader on our fan page brought this bit of bull-donkey to my attention and while I’m not surprised, I am sooo ticked off about the continued anti-black woman propaganda in the media, which now is being directed toward black women married interracially to white men.

Tell me if you didn’t look at this and see a walking, screeching, shrew of a stereotype specifically made against black women. She’s a weave-wearing ghetto mess and the white guy is a doughy, sweaty-looking cheese ball. What’s the message?

To men: “Go ahead white dude, get you a black woman and then deal with her cutting your balls off with her tongue on a daily basis.”

To black women: “Go ahead, black women, get you a cheesy, spineless white boy, because none of the good-looking alphas will ever want your ass!”

Anyone surprised that Arsenio Hall produced this? Anyone? I thought not.

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