“Dear White Guys Who Like Black Women, Please Stop Saying This…”

Listen white guys who love us…

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 6.37.42 PMI know you think you’re being super nice when you say you just love how “strong” black women are, but…no. You might not be aware of the social dynamics in the black community, but  black women are forced to be “strong and stoic” out of pure necessity. There is often no male figure around to provide security and a safe expression of our womanhood. For many of us, the roles have been so hopelessly reversed that if not for black women being “strong” the whole edifice would crumble.  Many black women are conditioned from birth to take on “traditionally manly” traits just to simply survive.

This faulty perception of “strength” robs black women of their personhood and femininity. There’s even studies that have worked indirectly to dehumanize black women by suggesting that we are more “manly” and have higher levels of testosterone, or suggest that black women feel less pain than women of other races.

In short, telling black women who are conscious of these labels (most of the black women who would be interested in you will) might elicit a reaction not conducive to mind seduction, okay?


Part II…



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