EarthJeff: Swirling on Planet Earth Part 14 – The Journey Continues


Yes, silly old EarthJeff is back.  Life is not about the destination, it is about the journey.  While I hate quoting Miley Cyrus… it is about the Climb.

So I started dating again a bit ago, and I had a few first dates.  Look, if it isn’t a fit, better to know right away than several dates in.  I primarily used two sites – AfroRomance (which I have discovered is also connected with Interracial Dating Central, I think) and Match (which is good but I think it is on the expensive side).  Good thing… I got quite a few hits on each.  Some connections died after a few conversations, some resulted in one face to face meeting, and…..  one is still going strong.  Very strong.  I met a wonderful woman with whom I am in a growing relationship.  I was lucky enough to be blessed once with love.  Life tossed a curve and I lost her.  Now I am being blessed again.  You just never know.

For all the creepers that you come across online and the serious vetting that you have to do, I think that it is much easier for men to find good women than it is for women to find good men.  Please note, I did not say “impossible”.  This is why I think it is easier for the men.  There are more male creepers than there are women.  It seems like the women are much more straightforward than the men who often say what they think the woman wants to hear…. In other words, some of the men are churning out lies that will eventually have to be undone.  End result for you ladies is that you have to wade through more BS to find out the person for real.  On the other hand, it seems to be that the ladies tend to be very real right from the start… don’t want the games or the drama…  so we men don’t have to sort through the BS.

So…my new lady….  I met her on AfroRomance
.  I will call her Bella.  She is very sweet and kind-hearted.  Soft-spoken and mesmerizing dark eyes.  She is adorable.  Bella is 6 and a half years younger than I am.  She lives in Ann Arbor, which is a very interesting place for those of you that may not know much about it.  Home to the University of Michigan, it is the quintessential college town.  Very liberal, very accepting, very educated, and very tolerant.  It tends to be on the affluent side with a small middle class area and much larger upper/middle and upper class areas, and the requisite student areas around the campus proper.  It is a town with a $5 pot law, and one day a year it has the event in April called the Hash Bash where folks thumb their noses at the pot law and just do it in a big group.  It is also a town and campus with an event known as the Naked Mile, which is exactly what it sounds like.  And no, nobody has ever seen my naked butt out in public running a mile.  There is no ‘hood in Ann Arbor, and for the most part it just not occur to anyone to give any side-eye at a mixed couple.  Bella grew up here, and does not understand why there is any issue with mixed couples.  Really?  People care?  People have issue with it?  People give funny looks?  Why??  She is wonderfully naïve in a very sweet way.  Isnt this how it should be everywhere?  Interestingly, Bella is part of the BB&W Community though she has been a lurker.  When she met me, she didn’t know that I was EarthJeff until I told her about my involvement here.

Anyway, more later…..


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