Election 2012 Watch: The Motor City Madman, Ted Nugent, Makes Startling Prediction About His Fate

Yup, he’s mad indeed! Don’t believe me? Just pay close attention at about 1:40 into the video:

He’s either going to be dead or in jail once Obama is elected again! Those are the words of Ted Nugent, not mine. What exactly does he feel will lead to his death or incarceration? Let’s see, people go to jail for things like robbery, rape, murder and other horrors. Is he admitting to the world that he regularly engages in those vices? Or is he simply asserting Second Amendment rights for all American citizens? Well, figuratively, perhaps. I’m inclined to believe the latter but that really isn’t the point here. Nugent made statements that can be viewed as threats against the president in the literal sense.  His words warranted the Secret Service sobering up and paying him a visit. But are we being a bit unfair to Nugent? Rapper Common pulled a similar stunt but got invited to the White House. Guess what he says at 1:58 into the video:

Nugent’s “threat” was implied while Common’s ” Burn a Bush threat” was explicit.  Both were declared not to be credible but we already knew that. Didn’t we??? Then again, Nugent did suggest chopping off heads at 2:40. Yikes!


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