No Wedding, No Womb!

Finally There’s a Name for Birth Control Sabotage…”Stealthing”

This from a recent Columbia Journal of Gender and Law:

Nonconsensual condom removal during sexual intercourse exposes victims to physical risks of pregnancy and disease and, interviews make clear, is experienced by many as a grave violation of dignity and autonomy. Such condom removal, popularly known as “stealthing,” can be understood to transform consensual sex into nonconsensual sex by one of two theories, one of which poses a risk of over-criminalization by demanding complete transparency about reproductive capacity and sexually transmitted infections. Adopting the alternative, preferable theory of non-consent, this Article considers possible criminal, tort, contract, and civil rights remedies currently available to victims. Ultimately, a new tort for “stealthing” is necessary both to provide victims with a more viable cause of action and to reflect better the harms wrought by nonconsensual condom removal.

Stealthing is probably more common than we can even imagine. The issue hits home for me, and I once had a friend who was a struggling single mother when her boyfriend poked holes in the condom in order to entrap her, and when he realized she was done with him, abandoned the son he insisted on bringing into the world. This is beyond pathological, and women need to beware. Apparently there’s a secret online community that encourages men to do such things, claiming an entitlement to “spread their seed.” If anyone knows where this community is, let us know so we can report them to the police.

Ladies, this is serious. Women has often been the scapegoats for people who claim we get pregnant to trap a man, but never even think about men doing this to women–either to impregnate them or expose them to sexually-transmitted diseases. This is the work of powerless, cowardly men who have absolutely no love for the women they bed. Be careful, and if you’re unsure, look at the condom after sex. It should be full of baby batter. If your partner won’t show you or claims they threw it out and won’t show you, that man is suspect. See a doctor right away and consider your options to keep yourself from getting pregnant before you’re ready. Having a baby should be a consensual agreement between both partners. This is just…gross.

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