My First Trip to a Natural Beauty Boutique! ?

On my way to the in laws house with three of my four kids in tow, we encountered a little…uh…speed bump at airport security in San Diego. Chloe, being the typical teenager, wanted to keep all her toiletries in her carry on backpack–which included some pretty darned expensive items from 100% Pure that’s been really awesome at managing her acne and oily T-zone. So we go through the security and the conveyor belt that all the bags go in, and her bag get taken aside. Security asks, “Are there any sharp items or objects in your bag that we should be worried about?” Chloe glances nervously left to right, and says…”Umm….I don’t know.”  I’m looking at her with a blank stare ?and wondering how long before they drag all four of us into a dark, cold room and do a strip search. Lucky for us the worst didn’t happen, but they did confiscate all her toiletries, which meant that I had to scramble to find natural and effective products in my in-law’s neck of the woods.

Surprisingly there’s only one! The shop is called Organachs Farm to Skin, and carries an array of amazing, all natural and effective cosmetics, like 100% Pure, Vapor, Voya, Meow Meow Tweet, RMS and many more.


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Check out this cool lip look I walked away with…and how do you like these buns? 😉

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