Five Insta Couples We’re Loving This Week!

Serena’s tennis coach! He has amazing taste!

Happy birthday my love @adaobilu ???#birthdaydinnertogether

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This one is mostly fitness, but my heart warms to see a happy, natural, fit dark-skinned girl being adored.

Three months till they’re married!

“We’ve actually been dating for 2.5 years and have been engaged for 6 months already and have 3 months left before we tie the knot! But one amazing things about our relationship is that we are from two different countries! He’s from England and I’m from the USA. I met him while living there as a student volunteer for almost 2 years and we fell in love and started dating months before I had to move back to the USA. So we’ve been traveling back and forth to see each and other, doing the LDR, and soon we will finally be married and will never have to be apart again!”

In less than 3 months… ????????????????? Still trying to figure out the name thing! Should I take his name? Should I combine? Should I keep my original? My family name has meant so much to me growing up. I’ve always felt a certain pride when people asked me if I was a “Michel” and then even asked me about my family. That’s mainly because so many good things have been associated with it: talent, music, beauty, culture, education, ethics, laughter, honor, leadership…. not famously or anything, but by the people we know and love. . . . My family (parents) came from a small country of #Haiti… and have so many amazing stories about growing up with dirt floors, outhouses, cooking on fires and washing their laundry in the river. We’ve had disasters and suffering…. literally NOTHING… But they all had dreams… and they followed them. They stayed true to what they believed in no matter the cost and you know what, They’ve been successful because of their ethics and faith. I’m so inspired when I remember that dedication and fire runs in my blood. I’m always reminded when I share my name. . . . . I hope all you men realize what you’re asking of a woman when you ask her to give her family name up, and take on your own! It’s a pretty big deal! Treat them with respect and honor, and realize the weight of the gesture. Thankfully, my soon-to-be husband has left the decision in my hands with no pressure. What about all of you soon-to-be or already married ladies??? What have you decided? Have you had similar feelings? Do you regret the change or wish you had? Men? What are your thoughts! I’d love to hear about it! ?

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These two are #FitnessGoals

#Vacation mode #bae #thickathanasnicka #beatface on the #beach #wanderlust #swirl #bwwm

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