How Gardening Can Get You More Dates!

People might think gardening is something grandmas do, and that nothing about the practice can help someone single get some love. I bet to differ! You should see all the comments from men I get on my gardening tutorial videos on You Tube…everything from “meow” to “you’re the girl of my dreams.”

Not only is it a fun, de-stressor, gardening fruits and vegetables that you cultivate for your own consumption inspires you to eat healthier and consider other more beneficial lifestyle choices. Eating more greens makes your skin glow and your hair and nails healthier and grow more robustly. It’s helps you look younger because the detoxifying effects clear your eyes and give you greater mental focus.

And then there’s the cool factor of having a hobby you’re passionate about, which allows people around you to see you have an actual life, you know… with interests and shit. Not to mention how your little contribution to sustainability is doing a part in saving the environment.

See how cool and sexy you just got?

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