Hair: Finally Got to See What the Back of My Head Looks Like with Two-Strand Twists!


I’m the one without the jailhouse vest…



And the front…

This little guy saw my hair and wanted some twists too, but…


Because I know some of you will ask, I’m currently using:

Belegenza Grow Out shampoo (works to get all the buildup off and contains peptides)

Nubian Heritage leave-in conditioner (excellent…so excellent…)

Korres Almond Protein leave-in spray conditioner (when I re-twist at night, I need the protein; my fine strands like to break under pressure)

Argon oil to seal.

Now off to the movies! I may fall asleep–we went wine tasting all day and I probably guzzled the equivalent to an entire bottle. Lawd, my liver hates me right now…

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