Hey Naturals, Have You Guys Checked Out Ouidad Lately? Might Be Worth a Re-Visit.

I used to be a frequent Ouidad user for my hair and for Clo Clo (the middle girl) and The Babster (the baby girl). I gave it a break for a awhile because I wasn’t really happy with their ridiculously expensive Deep Treatment Intensive Conditioner because found another protein conditioner I loved from Alterna’s Caviar line. However, the folks over at Ouidad contacted me with two new products designed for kinky hair–Curl Recovery Melt Down Extreme Repair Mask and Curl Recovery Curl Defining Styling Souffle.

First let’s discuss the repair mask. The company claims that this treatment “deeply rebuilds, nourishes and protects hair while minimizing breakage.” And has a subtle “warming sensation as it replenishes moisture.” The formula contains something called “CR 4 Repair Complex” which apparently includes mafura butter and kalahar melon seed oil and claims to restore your hair’s lipid barrier to reduce future damage. (Retails $40; 8oz, but you can get a smaller size for $14; 2 oz).


I don’t know about the sensation, because I used it with a heat cap, but I can tell you that this mask give my fine, easily tangled and breakage-prone hair  incredible slip. After a few moments on a section I was able to easily detangle. Less tangles, less breakage. Ouidad also recommends you use this as a pre-poo and use twice a week if you have damaged hair. I personally wouldn’t use this more than once a week. To use it twice is to waste product.

The second item I tried and liked is the Curl Recovery Whipped Curls Daily Conditioner and Styling Primer. I LOVE this stuff, but I don’t use it according to directions. It contains shea butter, glycerin and olive oil, and Ouidad claims it acts as a “primer” by re-establishing the natural curl patter for easy styling with any gel or cream. The directions say you can use it on wet hair before styling. I did this, but I found that it was too “light” to really sink in. After washing, I’m much preferring Jane Carter’s Curl Defining Cream. I suspect that’s why it’s getting such poor reviews on the web site. People report that it leaves their hair feeling dry and frizzy, and I think they’re using it as directed, which I don’t think is effective.


What I am using it for is re-twisting at night. Using this cream, I don’t need to use water or spray leave-in conditioner before twisting. I just section as usual and then use the Ouidad cream to hydrate and detangle. I wake up with fat, smooth curls with shine. The photo below is my hair style after re-twisting with the primer. My hair didn’t feel dry, but moisturized just right. I find that re-twisting with Jane Carter’s Curl Defining Cream becomes too heavy and greasy for my fine hair.


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