How I Got the Look: Fat Twists That Look Like “Beach Hair”

I think this look will work for women with 8 inches or more hair length. Also–relaxed heads can do it too.

Start with a Clean Head

Washed with Belegenza’s Grow Out shampoo
Conditioned with Belegenza Romance combined with DermoGanic Masque conditioner (it has argon oil)
Used leave in conditioner: Belegenza Encore combined with Miss Jessie’s purple stuff

Note: You don’t have to go out a buy any of these items! Just make sure you use a very moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.


No need to part the hair; in fact, I don’t recommend it because they’ll just make it hard to fill in the gaps when you untwist. Just separate in sections and do two-strand twists about 3/4 inch wide.

Use a little more Miss Jessie’s to smooth the hair–try to get it as smooth as possible to reduce frizziness. You can also use Shea Moisture and most likely will get the same results.

Twist all the way to the bottom and seal the ends closed with your favorite oil–almond, shea, even castor. I used the serum I received from the Emtage folks, and just smoothed the oil from the root to the tip.

Here’s another tip–if you have tightly coiled hair and want to enlongate, try the Belegenza Simply Straight. I didn’t use it this time, but did at the last wash. It makes the hair much easier to manage, less tangles and knots at the end.

Let it Set

Tie it up or leave it out while you sleep to “set” the waves. Make sure your hair is completely dry or you’ll get poof and frizz.


VERY CAREFULLY. Then gently separate the hair to fill in the gaps. Give your head a little shake, and finish with spray shine serum. I used Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi Wild Ginger shine spray.

Set Again Before Bedtime

Retwist and use a little spray moisture to help corral the curls, then seal from root to end with a LIGHT coat of your favorite oil.

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