Introducing BB&W’s Health, Beauty & Style Category!

We as is we don’t have enough to talk about, here I go adding some MORE stuff to the BB&W repertoire with a Health, Beauty & Style category, because 82% of you want me to. See how much I try to please you?

It’s kind of a germination of BWIP (Black Women’s Improvement Project) just more shiny and glitzy and glitter-y. I’ve always loved glitter. But then it gets all over the place so if you want to, say, go cycling in the middle of the night your entire body can serve as a reflective device.

I digress. As per my usual. Back to the new category.

I’m not sure if all of you are aware, but in another life I was a health, beauty and fitness writer. Here’s some of the stuff I’ve done, here, here and here.

So it’s not TOO much of a stretch for me to cover this stuff. But on BB&W, all health, beauty, and style (HBS) will have a a direct relationship to how confidence, looking your best, feeling your best, and NOT being fat makes you hot. Healthy is hot. Being your most BEAUTIFUL SELF is hot. Addressing anxiety and mental health issues head-on eventually makes you hot. Knowing how to eat an olive without catapulting it off your dinner plate and onto your date’s forehead makes you a lady, and ladies are hot.

And let’s face it. If you feel good inside and out (aka feeling ‘hot’), people notice.

Rain-beau people notice. Heck, EVERYONE notices.

Feeling and looking more beautiful can make you richer, more successful, HIGHLY attractive and increase your odds for the Mega Millions. Okay; maybe not the last one, but everything else is absolutely and without a doubt the unequivocal truth.

So consider Thursday your how-to-be-the-hottest-chick-in-town day on BB&W, because I’m BRINGING it with experts, product recommendations, how-to’s, video tutorials, and backup dancers.

So for my critics who wish that I would die slow–consider it your lucky day. I WILL, along with everyone else who reads BB&W, will die slow–and at 90 years old, we’ll STILL be able to take your man.

Stay tuned later today for the first installment, “It’s All About the Eyes,” which includes a picture tutorial by our very own Vonnie of the BWE beauty blog, Socialite Dreams. She covers the how-to-make-your-eyes-look-sexy-not-slutty part, and I’ll cover how you can use your eyes to flirt without looking like a potential stalker, complete with an expert columnist from

But while you wait, you might want to check out “Beauty As a Weapon” on The SJP.

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