Issa Rae, Jacque Reid and Others Talk Interracial Relationships on “Nightly Show”

A section of the Nightly Show featuring Issa Rae, Jacque Reid, Christina Greer, and Marina Franklin where the host and women discussed interracial relationships was brought to my attention, and I think it’s worth the discussion. Full disclosure: I personally know Jacque Reid and Issa Rae, both amazing and dynamic women.


At around 8:50 host Larry Wilmore broaches the subject of interracial dating and the unique issues black women in America face doing it. Issa was first, and talked about how black women were at the bottom of the barrel, and that made me really sad. Issa, with all her beauty, talent and success shouldn’t be at the bottom of anyone’s barrel. We may think things like like this are harmless, but they’re not. Repeating the toxicity of what others use to kill our spirits on a world platform does ripples of damage that I don’t think we really understand.

Then it was Jacque’s turn. I liked her practical take on dating, and respected her commitment not to compromise her standards. Maria, the comedian was funny and unapologetic about her younger white boyfriend. Christina, the only woman on the panel who was married (and to a black man) did the typical, “good black men are out there,” and “good black men aren’t unicorns” platitudes. I really wish happily married black women would be more supportive about encouraging black women to date and/or marry the best man for the job, instead of perpetuating the increasingly unreasonable “black love” fairy tale. Sister, you’re married and happy…why can’t you fist-bump those of us to find the same happiness, but in a different package? Just be honest about how hard it is for “black love,” and give the permission black women *think* they need to date who the hell they want to.

What’s your take?

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