Just in Time for Loving Day, Moguldum Studios Releases “The Swirl”

I have to admit I was SCURRED to tell you guys I was in a new documentary called, The Swirl, only because the parent company, Moguldum Studios, publishes both Madame Noire and Bossip.

It turns out I worried for nothing.

Here’s the summary:

The Swirl tackles societal and cultural issues relating to interracial dating, asking the question; is it the new trend or still taboo? There was a time when interracial dating was a taboo practice that could lead to physical harm or even death. Today it seems to be of greater acceptance as with celebrity power couples Kanye West and Kim Kardashian or Ice-T and Coco. The Swirl takes a comedic look at this serious topic by digging into the cultural shift in attitudes around interracial relationships. The Swirl unveils the real-life conversations folks are having in the shadows on the subject that has finally been brought to light in this enlightening and entertaining documentary. Speaking to men and women on both sides of the debate, the feature length documentary delivers honest and hilarious dialogue on interracial dating by comedians such as Esther Ku, Rodney Perry, and Reggie Jackson. The film dares viewers to take a hard look at their own perceptions. Through in-depth interviews, expert commentary, comedic conjecture and surprising statistical data, the film covers everything from self-hate and racism to the concept of love being colorblind.

I have to say, the documentary is both informative and entertaining. It’s really “guy talk” and “girlfriend chat” on the issue of interracial dating. It gives a mix of both perspectives–black men dating white women, and white women dating black men. There’s some really, really cute non-black men getting candid about their interest in black women, and I think some of you could get something out of it. However, they do focus a bit on “what’s wrong with us” ‘black women are too this, too that’…as the reason for why black men date out, according the the black men, but no equal critique is given about black men. Can’t say that’s surprising.

They even highlight a black woman/white man married couple who met at Duke University. She openly admits that she enjoys her extended white privilege because of her husband. There’s also a black man who is candid about his unapologetic interest in white women and secretly enjoys the disapproving looks black women give him when he’s out with his girlfriend.


There’s a group of three black women who go out on a speed date. One of the women has never dated a white man. After the end of the date, and upon meeting a cute non-black man, she becomes open to them. There’s also a “Nothing But a Brother” black woman who will never, ever, never, ever date anyone other than a black man. That’s her choice, and that’s okay too. No need to force her, and I have absolutely no interest in convincing black women who want to dig in their heels for “black love.” They can go and be blessed.

Yours Truly is featured throughout as the resident interracial dating expert. And I do a damn good job if I do say so myself. 😉

You can rent the doc for $4.99 or buy for $9.99 here.

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