Kevin Talks Football!

Ladies I want to explain football to you. Some of you already know, but trust me when I tell you that men find it to be a great thing if you know the game or even better– watch and enjoy the game. If us guys know Scandal and all the other dramas, then you can know about football!


The Basics:

  1. You have offense, defense and special teams in the game of football. Offense tries to score and defense tries to prevent them from scoring. Each side has 11 players on the field at any one time. The offense has 4 plays to try and get 10 yards. If by the fourth play they have not reached those 10 yards they can either punt the ball away, go for the first down or touchdown or kick a field goal. Punting is kicking the ball away to the other team on fourth down. The unit of players on the field during a punt or kick is the special teams. Often time’s special teams can win a game for you. Scoring can be done by a touchdown, field goal, 2 point conversion and safety. A touchdown is scored when a player in control of the ball runs in the end zone or catches a pass in the end zone. After the touchdown the scoring team can either kick an extra point for one point or go for 2 points. If the team can’t get in the end zone they can kick a field goal that is worth 3 points. The defense can also score. They can score a touchdown if they intercept a pass and run it back to their end zone or they recover a fumble and score. The defense can also score a safety by stopping the offensive player with the ball in the end zone. Intercept is when the defensive team catches a pass intended for the offense. Fumble is when the player with the ball loses the ball. A safety is worth 2 points.
  2. The positions on the field for offense are wide receiver, offensive linemen, quarterback, running back and tight end. Wide receivers are usually fast and agile. They are generally pass catchers. Offensive linemen are normally very large and slow. The quarterback is normally the offensive leader of the team and they tell the team what play is going to be ran. The running back can be fast and nimble or maybe a little slower and a bruiser who breaks tackles. Ideally you will have a combination of the 2. The tight end is not a player with a large butt. He normally lines up at the end of the offensive line and either blocks or goes out to catch a pass. To get the 11 players needed the team will have a combo of the players mentioned earlier.
  3. The positions on the field for defense are defensive linemen, linebacker, safety and cornerback. Defensive linemen are usually large and are usually quicker that offensive linemen. The linebacker position is normally made up of an inside linebacker and outside linebacker. The inside linebacker is normally the leader of the defense or the quarterback of the defense. Safeties normally play is the defensive backfield as well as cornerbacks. Like the offensive side of the ball a team can use any combination of the players mentioned as long as it is 11 players.


This is just a general breakdown of the game. The rules can vary from college to the pros. The great thing you can ask a guy friend or a female friend who likes the game to explain it to you in more depth. Have fun!!!!

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