You Know Your Polish Rocks When the Technicians Ask Where You Bought It…Mineral Fusion Colors Give Boom-Pow

It’s not often that I, as an avid gardener get both a manicure and pedicure at my local strip mall nail salon, but this time was special. I wanted to put the colors Mineral Fusion sent us for review to the ultimate test. Nail technicians are probably the best judges of the quality of nail polish, because their livelihood depends on it. When I initially came into the salon with my own nail color in hand, there was visible skepticism from the service people, because they’re secretly estimating how much time they’ll waste putting on multiple coats to make the color look good. But as they started polishing, I could see that the two Asian men working on my hands and feet were discussing the product in their foreign language. Then one of them finally said in English, “This is good nail polish. Where you get it?”

I promptly told him that the color he covets is located right next door at Sprouts. They could hardly believe it. They loved the color and that it only took them two coats to get this rich color…




What I love about Mineral Fusion nail polish is that it delivers such a rich color without all the disgusting and poisonous chemicals often found in other formulas. The color I chose is called, “Citrus Cove,” which is a tangerine color with a cream finish, and retails for only $7.99. If you buy online using our She Thrives Netowork coupon code, it’s even cheaper.

Here’s what it DOESN’T have:

Mineral Fusion Nail Polish is formaldehyde free, toulene free, camphor free, dibutyl pthalate free, paraben free, hypoallergenic, gluten free, talc free, and fragrance free. As with all of our cosmetics, Mineral Fusion Nail Polish is never tested on animals.

You know what else is cool? It lasts for a good long time. The nail polish on my hands didn’t last longer than three days, but that’s because I’m always digging in the dirt and watching dishes with our plastic gloves. But the polish on my toes lasted for over one month.

Check it out for yourself for cheaper than what you can buy it in a brick-and-mortar store using the THRIVE20 coupon code, which has been extended for a little longer.

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