Man Candy Monday: Danell Leyva’s Naked Body Is Good for Us All

There is something about a man’s body that I just can’t deny. The lines of his shoulders, the width of his waist, the way his calf muscles flex as he walks. I live and breathe to witness these moments displayed by the masculine gender. It should be of no surprised that I am immediately interested in a any man who can do something as beautiful as this with his body.


This week’s feature is Cuban American gymnast Danell Leyva and I’m happy to report back that he’s not only on Twitter, he’s also an exhibitionist who routinely posts half nude selfies. I don’t know if the conservative folks care, but the non conservatives one do!! And just to show you that ‘guys do it too’ Danell had a picture so risque that it birthed its own Twitter handles and story line…Leyva’s Towel (you can’t make this ‘ish up!).

Maybe it’s the way he’s biting his lip…..?


The fact that he’s comfortable enough in his skin to be photographed while doing gymnastic moves is piquing my interest regarding other things his body may be capable of. In the meantime, Wiki has a very clean and non-personal blurb that includes much about his athletic achievements and not much about his personal background. This is typical of Scorpio men so I wouldn’t be surprised that he insists you know nothing about him until he wants you to, but that’s just light fodder, of course.

Danell Johan Leyva (born October 30, 1991) is a Cuban-Americangymnast. He is the 2011 U.S national all-around gold medalist and the 2011 world champion on the parallel bars. He is also a Bronze Medal winner in the 2012 London Olympics in the Men’s All Around.

He is a specialist on parallel Bars and Horizontal Bar, having his own signature move (jam-dislocate-hop to under grips) on the latter.


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Anyway, while digging for information about this weeks honoree, I immediately visited his personal web page, and I swear we now have a special bond since his current WordPress theme is one I was previously using on my erotica blog. Go figure…It’s quite clean and simplistic as well and it doesn’t reveal very much.

Though I must mention that he lists his favorite TV shows as the Boondocks and his favorite food as Spaghetti and Pizza. So, even though he’s backflipping while naked for competition and high stakes earnings, you and he can nosh on high calorie carbs while being couch potatoes.

His pastimes are also painting and drawing.

I would hate myself forever if I didn’t take the opportunity to body paint him and have him splash paint while I shot photographs of him. Indeed, I’m an artist and maybe Danell would appreciate that in a woman…could be?

The idea is a good one, I say!

Follow him on Facebook. Stalk him on his very active Instagram.

Unfortunately he was unable to compete in the World Championship due to an injury. Wishing him a speedy recovery and much luck in his competitive future.

And just like when women ‘do it’, and by doing it, I mean make poor decisions when it comes to releasing revealing pictures of oneself, Danell is the subject of a few unsavory break downs of what life in his personal life MUST be like, given the evidence that he himself provided.

Everything isn’t for everybody. Would you be able to be secure with a man that is so open and transparent as Danell or is good for man arm candy and a few sweaty flings for that good old ‘in my hay day’ stories?

Danell’s naked body is good for us all. There is a lesson to be learned and a body to be gazed at in the most pristine aesthetic and neutral way possible while ignoring the fact that he’s deliciously sexy and oh, how I love Latin men.

Until next time…..don’t be no sucker for man candy. Everything that looks good to you; isn’t always good for you!!

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