Model Lanisha Cole Fires Back On Haters of Her Non-Black Fiance

If you’ve ever watched The Price is Right or Deal or No Deal, you’ve probably seen Lanisha Cole prancing around the set. With a gorgeous set of legs and a face to match.

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Lanisha recently fired back in a blog post regarding folks (gasp!) hating on her choice of mate on her blog. The hate came from SURPRISE!! an urban website–you know how they just loooove to mock black women in interracial relationships and marriages while giving rappers and ballers passes all the day long.

Here’s her open letter:

Where to begin… My engagement announcement yesterday has highlighted a very sensitive issue… the topic of interracial dating.  Though please know that it was never an issue for me, my fiancé, our friends and family.  It’s unfortunate that a few ignorant people have taken an event that every girl dreams of and turned it into a negative with their vile and ignorant comments. I won’t give this urban gossip website the benefit of being mentioned (I used to be a huge fan, by the way) but among some of the comments came the term “Sellout Negro” and other disgusting and derogatory references.

As many of you know, I don’t usually speak about my personal life.  It’s more important to me for people to focus on what I do professionally, but this particular topic has been swept under the rug far too often and I feel that its important for me to put this issue out in the open. Calling someone a “sellout” based on the race of their significant other is mean spirited, pathetic and highlights everything wrong with our society. I have never been in a relationship based on wealth or status. If that was the case then I’m sure you would have seen me out and about with rappers, athletes, artists, etc. I’ve always stayed under the radar (by choice) and made my life decisions based on what I value, what my parents taught me and what my heart tells me to do.

This man RICK LICHT is the person I love… the person I plan to build the rest of my life with.. the person who’s supported me through great times and of course the rough times. He’s been my rock and I love him for the person he’s proven himself to be. We’ve been together for a while… 5+ years… and this was before his new project was even a thought. I’ve seen this man work VERY HARD day and night to make his dreams a reality and I’ve been there every step of the way. He is honestly the definition of hard work, persistence, determination, and strength and I’m proud of what he’s been able to accomplish.


I have had an amazing career and worked hard to support myself financially. I’ve managed to go from being in music videos at the age of 18 to spending 8 years on a well known game show, spent 9+ years with Milani Cosmetics, opened an art gallery, opened my photography studio, and I’ve also dedicated my time to mentoring young women who need guidance, among other things. None of this came easy.  Nothing was handed to me.  I’ve faced the challenges time and time again, fighting to get to where I’m at today. I’m very proud to say that I’ve done it in a way that my family can be proud of and other young women can hopefully be inspired by. Getting married to the man I love is simply the icing on the cake… and I will continue to stand by his side regardless of the bitter betties who feel the need to make negative comments and call me hurtful names.  I’m not the first one who’s been called out and I’m sure I won’t be the last.  But if they read this post, perhaps some of those people will think twice before take the low road and act that way again. I say this on St. Valentine’s Day, a day for love, and just weeks after the day honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, a day for peace, hope and treating everyone with the proper respect – regardless of race, creed or color.

I pray that those who took the time out of their day to try and put me down will one day find someone who treats them like a queen or king, and who’ll inspire them to see the light and be a positive influence in this world during the time they’re here on this earth. Remember that everyday is a blessing… so stop spending time perpetuating everything wrong with society and instead do something to help lift each other up.  As Dr. King said, “Hate cannot drive out hate.  Only love can do that.” I’m incredibly fortunate that there are so many warm, special and beautiful people in my life so I usually don’t address the hate but I had to share my feelings on this topic today.

I hope this note proves beneficial to some of the folks out there. . .

God bless,


This is just a guess, but I think she’s referring to the bottom-feeding hood-boogers over yonder. I get it. Black women aren’t allowed to be happy with non-black men, not pre approved by the GAT-DL (Guardians of All Things Dark and Lovely). Just ask Tamera Mowry.


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