What? Mother Gives Birth to Three Sets of Twins!


She changes 35 diapers a day, people.

The three sets of twins has a lot to do with this Kansas mom’s plumbing, who often drops two eggs a month instead of one.

From Yahoo News:

Danesha Couch, 20, of Kansas City, Kansas, welcomed two daughters, Darla and Dalanie, on June 17. The girls arrived less than one year after their twin sisters, Delilah and Davina, who were born May 29, 2015.

Wait. She’s only 20?!

Dr. Marjorie Greenfield, the obstetrics and gynecology chief at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio, told ABC News that although Couch’s situation is rare, having multiple sets of twins occurs partly for genetic reasons.

“It’s partly statistical and it’s partly genetic,” Greenfield said. “She probably doesn’t release two eggs every single month, but there are people that are genetically prone to releasing two eggs. The way you get fraternal twins is by releasing two eggs. Identicals are not formed by releasing two eggs. If you release more eggs, therefore, you have a greater chance of having twins.”

“Having that hit three times gets unusual,” but not impossible, Greenfield said.

Couch’s fiance and the father of her children, Jeffrey, has no twins on his side of the family.

And she’s generous!

“I feel blessed that I can even have babies,” Couch said. “When I talk to women that can’t have kids, I consider donating my eggs. I would just have to speak with my spouse about it. I would be 100 percent OK with it.”

Haven’t “talked with my spouse?” Honey you better hurry up and MAKE him your official spouse so you have some help raising all those twins!

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