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That Awkward Age: Nana and Sven’s Excellent Swirl Adventure

♪ Will you still need me? ♫
♫ Will you still feed me? ♪
♪ When I’m sixty-four? ♫

Obviously the focus of this blog should mostly be on young people looking to start families, but around the edges are few other groups we can provide support for. Like my group, the old farts esteemed elders. I’m 50 and childless, but open to step-children, and am probably not going to have children of my own because I don’t want a big age difference with my partner. Do I have peers out there lurking? But enough about me. This post is for anyone with a touch of gray, and those that love them.

When careers are over, or close to it, the retirement has been capitalized, or social security is about to kick in, and the nest is empty, priorities in selecting a romantic partner are vastly different. Likely companionship, common interests, health, autonomy, stability, medicare coverage, etc., top the list. Excitement, earning potential, fertility, hotness, religion, politics, relatives, etc., not so much.

Are middle-aged (or senior) singles more free to swirl? I feel I am. What are the barriers, or hang-ups, that might trip them up? Do the shy but loyal become hot commodities? Do playas become viagra junkies dirty old men as they age? Does the possibility of an erection lasting longer than four hours scare you? (Remember to call your/his doctor.)

Do you think your parent, or older relatives, are open to IR? I don’t think any of my older relatives would be up for swirling, except my step-dad.

Would you like to introduce me to your mom?

Wishing you all progress …

— Aaby

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