Never Spend $800 on Make Up Brushes AGAIN!!

I know how tempting it can be, going into shops like MAC or Sephora, desperate to get that perfect makeup look you saw your favorite You Tuber did, and wanting to buy a slew of brushes (because everyone knows that it’s about the brushes, stupid!!) that cost more than you weekly grocery budget. You just dropped $5,000.00 and what you bought can fit into your change purse. But you wanted “the look” so you bought into the notion that you needed to buy that $75 MAC brush, plucked from the soft and succulent ass-hair of some endangered animal, who is now walking around Yosemite pissed because he feels the breeze on his bare tush just so you can get Kim K’s smokey eye! You selfish little turd!

Now there’s no need to pay hundreds for real or synthetic make-up brushes when there’s Morphe Brushes, the first store dedicated 100% to make up brushes. This place is the rave of all the Hollywood make up artists, who say they have super-good quality brushes that you won’t have Rosemary’s baby if you lose.

Hollywood is so silly. There’s a red carpet photo section for every event north of San Bernardino. Here’s me and Maxi cheesing for the camera at Morphe’s big launch party:

Morphe me

Maxi tried to pretend she wasn’t impressed that she was granted entry to an exclusive VIP party, until she saw the open bar and got Red Bulls all night to chase down the hors d’oeuvres. Then we went in the store and bought it out. Who can resist .99 cent make-up brushes?

Most of the brushes in the store are under $10. You could seriously go crazy.



You can tell these brushes are good just by looking at them. Notice that price? Yup…

And because I know so many of you lurves you some make-up, I’m going to pass along a 20% off coupon code so you can buy good quality brushes for cheap, even cheaper.


Coupon Code: MORPHE2013

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