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OK, We Get It: You Don’t Find White Men Attractive…Now Can You Shut The F&*K Up About It Already!?

Here’s the thing, I completely understand that not all black women will find non-black men attractive. Thus my suggestion to a black women to open herself up to dating non-black men will sometimes fall on deaf ears. Heck, I don’t like short men, and any suggestion that I get to date a cute guy who happens to be the same height as Danny DeVito will be ignored. But whether the issue is that you don’t think you’ll like the look of a pale-colored penis or that height-challenged males turn you off, the LEAST you can do for other women is to not shout that crap from the highest rooftop–in other words, could you stop f&*king up it for those who do like pale-colored men and the vertically challenged? I’m just saying…*insert Kanye West shrug here*

Jayne Dirt penned a post over at the Clutch titled “I’m Not Racist, I Just Don’t Want to Screw a White Man,” proclaiming not only that she didn’t think white men were attractive–that’s cool, no problem–but that she would, and I quote,”rather eat cat shit through a knit needle than give a white man a blow job…” Well excussseeee mee! That’s harsh! And all she had to say was that she didn’t want to sleep with a white man, but no, she had to go overboard and act like it would be worst than eating cat crap.

Do you think a black man–ANY black man–would ever come out and say this about white women? HELL TO THE NAW! Even black men that prefer black women think sexy women come in all colors, even the color that they prefer is chocolate. Black men know that they may be eating chocolate this week, but next week they might have a taste for vanilla, and they are not going to mess up their chance at consuming all of the flavors from the ice cream shop by telling anyone who will listen about their preference for chocolate. This week its chocolate, but strawberry with sprinkles might sound nice one day soon…

The sort of hysteria that would equate eating cat crap to sleeping with a white man is something that I can only see a black women being loud and proud of declaring.

There’s a reason folks keep their preferences to themselves. It’s because publicly declaring that you would never give so-and-so a chance cuts off your options. Proclamations like Jayne’s are why some black women find it so hard to meet white guys that they do like and why white men can sometimes be so hesitant to approach–too many black women telling anybody within ear shot that they will drink cow urine, climb the heights of the Himalaya’s, do the dougie at a college graduation, or that they will sing right along with the fat lady when she starts singing, before she would EVER date a white man.

And this whole “I would rather eat cat shit through a knit needle” line came about because Jayne IS NOT racist! According to her, black people CAN’T BE RACIST. But as you can see, black people can equate sleeping with white men to eating cat shit.

If any white man were to publicly say that sleeping with black women would be akin to eating cow poop, that white man would be EVISCERATED by the media. Dude would be treated as bad as Chris Brown. Why? Because even if you don’t find other groups as attractive as you find the opposite sex of your own group, there is still the expectation that you refrain from equating sleeping with someone you don’t particularly like to consuming feces.

“Opinionatedgal”, a voice of reason, had this to say:

Funny, somehow I don’t think that you’ll ever see this perspective on a black male-focused blog with a man saying “I’m not racist, I just don’t want to screw a white woman.”

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I think this article further isolates BW, just like other “why black women are not married” topics.

Find love “and sex” (whatever you’re looking for) wherever it is.

I think Opinionatedgal had it right: black women who publicly declare that sleeping with white men is akin to eating cat pooh are only serving to further isolate black women, painting us as being unapproachable women who will wait ’til the cow jumps over the moon for a black man.

There’s nothing wrong with strongly preferring black men, but I really wish those black women who DO have that preference would stop making it hard for those black women who DON’T feel the same.

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