One Fashion Trend I’m Loving…Models With Teeth Gaps

Teeth gaps, as opposed to thigh gaps, (har har har) seem to be carving out a new fashion trend, loosely dubbed, “Perfectly Imperfect,” and I could be happier. Check out the Fall 2015 Urban Outfitters catalog!


I remember as a kid having issues about the whole tooth gap thing, and so did my mother, who got hers “fixed” but the ending work looked more jarring because it was just some fake tooth-like material pasted in between the gap. I loved my mom’s gap, which was slightly wider than mine. As a child, that’s one of the ways I know she was my mommy.

Despite having straight teeth, the gap thing is grounds in our society for an appointment with the orthodontist.

Not everyone thinks a gap needs to be corrected, though, and I’ve seen a few commercials and catalogs with models with visible gaps sporting them proudly. And the guys seem to dig it. Check out this related convo on Reddit. There’s even a Tumblr page dedicated to sexy chicks of all races proudly sporting their gaps.

Then, there’s the Patron commercial I’ve been seeing…check the model at around :30.


The Japanese must have too much time and money on their hands these days, because some women are PAYING for cosmetic imperfections to their teeth. WHAAAT?


Yay! A fashion trend I won’t need to see my shrink about because of my feelings of inadequacy! WINNING!!!

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