Look at This FACE!!


It’s courtesy of two beauty items I used this week. This first thing is G.M. Collin Active Exfoliant Powder and G.M. Collin Intensive Exfoliating Gel. Most of you know that I SWEAR by Innovative Skincare for my daily cleansing routine, and I swear by their SPF. But upon my entry into the Fabulous Forties, I’ve been extra, super curious about formulas that can help preserve the integrity of my skin (Who am I kidding? I want people to keep dropping their jaws when I tell them I’m not really 28). These two items are quite reasonably priced, $39 and $38 respectively, and unlike other exfoliating formulas I’ve tried in the past, it doesn’t burn or irritate my skin.

Screen shot 2013-11-04 at 9.49.53 PM

By far the most interesting is the G.M. Colin exfoliating powder, which you have to add water to activate. It’s gentle enough to use as a daily cleanser but I interchange it with my favorite Innovative Skincare cleanser. It contains salicylic acid, which is great for women still suffering from acne (the ultimate insult. I mean, seriously God? Loss of collagen AND blackheads?!); Tea tree oils, which soothes and soften the skin, and contains Vitamin E & C. I love the idea of this powder formula, especially while traveling. There’s no extra water weight, no worries about it going over one ounce, and no possibility of it leaking all over your silk panties. When I took the following picture, it was the night after I’d used the G.M Collin Intensive Exfoliating Gel, which I LOVED the effect it had on shrinking the larger pores on my cheeks.

Screen shot 2013-11-04 at 9.50.15 PM

A BB Cream for Black Folks!!

Every cosmetics company in America has been going bat-you-know-what cray about BB cream, and that’s been all fine and good for our fairer-skinned sisters, but not so much if you’re dark. In the past, BB Creams darker than TAN ended up looking ashen on dark ladies like me. I even had a conversation about it with Lori Taylor, Global Lead Pro Artist for SMASHBOX cosmetics. She told me that they were working diligently to find a formula that works, and by golly-gorsh, they did it!! Before SMASHBOX got it right, I’d always felt jealous that white or light skinned girls got the benefit of a moisturizer, light foundation, and SPF. So…yeah. I went in to Sephora, tried it, and did a happy dance.

Screen shot 2013-11-04 at 9.54.56 PM

The DARK blends beautifully, and gives just enough coverage. I didn’t get any blotchiness or shine, but it’s been on the cooler side in California, so it remains to be seen if this stuff stands up to our hellish August-September first-circle-of-Hell weather. Two downsides though: it costs $39, and is perfumed for some inexplicable reason. I’m a firm believer perfume has no place in makeup.

*G.M. Collin sent me a sample, but it’s a definite buy-with-my-own-dime, which is why it makes the cut. SMASHBOX has my on nig-nor, but I love them anyway.*

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