Opposites Attract–How to Wear Complimentary Colors This Summer

As we all know opposites attract. I mean we are all subscribe to a blog that promote that very idea. Complimentary colors are an amazing way to make your wardrobe pop. In fact, our eyes automatically pick up these color combinations in nature, it is a natural instinct that most times we do not realize is taking place.

With that in mind I decided to put together a few boards showing you lovely ladies and soon men how to infuse color into your wardrobe with complimentary colors such as, red and green–including their tints and shades, yellow and purple, orange and blue, and black and white. Enjoy, I look forward to seeing your responses!


Chilled Watermelon:

Opposites Attract: Watermelon

Why It Works

In order to avoid looking like a Christmas ornament or the Italian flag the best way to wear Red and Green is to mix tints and shades. Like a mint top and hot pink bottoms or olive green and red–military style. This combo is very classy and very edgy. Style at your own risk.

Chasing Sun Rays: Yellow and Purple



Opposites Attract: Yellow and Purple

Why It Works

Yellow and purple together are sunflowers smiling up at the purplish-blue sky on a lovely sunny day. And who wouldn’t be made happier by this lovely spring scene? So imagine putting the two colors together in an ensemble. You’d brighten everyone’s day, not to mention infuse an air of newness–represented by the color yellow– and royalty–represented by the color purple. These two are a match made in the heavens.


Sunset o’er the Seas

Opposites Attract: Blue and Orang

Why It Works

Blue and orange is my all time fave combination. Blue with its cool undertones giving off a spirit of calm and orange with its warm undertones inspiring trust are a must have combo this summer. They are two colors that are both freeing. This corally orange top with these polkadot blue shorts are so girlie and chic.



Shades of Gray: Black and White

Opposites Attract: Black and White

Why It Works

Need I even write on why black and white works? This crisp color choice is so elegant, yet so edgy. It says, I am not afraid of anything. Black and white are the ultimate power couple and this combo is THE must have combo this summer.

How will you all translate these trends this summer?

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