Is “Pink Peen” Aversion a Real Thing When it Comes to Interracial Dating?!

Good golly molly. They list of creative excuses black women come up with for the reasons why they can’t date interracially is endless. Add to the list now is the aversion to “pink peen” or pink penis.

Friendly penis cartoon comic funny illustration

Seriously, ladies? Is that the true measure of a man these days to black women? Relationships are all about sex with deeply mellanated members–not about picking quality mates based on character, compatibility, shared values and goals? Are the expectations for partners so low now that any of the above qualifiers are just too much to ask?!

The real issue going unaddressed is that the bar for “quality” has gotten so low for black women that the gauge for a suitable person in a relationship is based on looks and dick size. Conversely, the quality of a black woman is often measured by her lightness, ass size, and hair grade. My god…and these two together making babies is why the collective IQ of humanity is plummeting.

Here’s some more thoughts on the subject…

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