Color U Bold: Plaid Nail Art Tutorial


If you are looking to do something new to your nails why not try this Plaid Nail Look! So get out your favorite nail colors and lets get to painting!

What You’ll Need:

1.Three of your favorite colors

2.A Small Nail Brush

3.Clear Nail Polish as Base and Top Coat

6 Steps to Plaid Nails

Step 1: Paint your entire nail (I used a Lilac color)

Step 2:  With your nail brush dip your brush in white Nail polish and create a cross on your nails this could be in the center or to the side of your nails.

Step 3: With a Black nail polish and art brush outline the cross.

Step 4:  Create a line in the middle of the white space of the cross horizontally and vertically.

Step 5: Add your statement stripe along the side of your nail close to the end of the nail.

Step 6: Add Top Coat and You are Done!!!

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