Protective Style Addicts–What’s Your Holiday Hair Going to Look Like?

I’m trying hard to save my ends so I can see some significant length over the next few months when my hair seems to grow the most. I achieved this look by flat twisting along both sides of my head, then folding the untwisted ends into each other. I love it because it’s so formal and feminine.

Stuff I’m using for hold and shine

What’s up, Slick? Kiehl’s Malleable Molding Paste!

Get shine, control and absolutely NO FLAKING from using this paste when you want a sleek look for a chignon or simple bun. Not only does it work well, but it’s good for your hair. It’s infused with soybean oil and sunflower oil to condition the hair. How to use: With this paste, buns and ponytail styles are best. Put a little on your fingertips for traction when you’re flat-twisting. Scoop the goo onto your fingertips and rub along the hairline, paying special attention to the edges. IMMEDIATELY  cover with a scarf to prevent reversion or for deep wave definition until product is completely absorbed. (Retail $17.00)



Anyone else protective styling through the holidays? Give links! Pics! Ideas! Don’t be stingy…’tis the season for giving.


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