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QOTW: “Are black women who date online seen as easy prey to white men???”

Cropped image of attractive young African woman in warm sweater working on laptop while sitting on the window sill

I got this question from a fan of my You Tube channel. I have a lot to say about this, and will most likely do a follow up video, but I thought it would be a good time to engage some of our regulars in a forum format to discuss. Here goes:

Hi Chris I’m a black female who has dated interracially from the start. I’ve been using unpaid online dating sites for years now. I have had absolutely no luck! The men I’ve encountered are disgusting. They don’t get passed two emails without them asking for nude photos!

I am a fairly conservative women and have no ideal what would give these guys the ideal that I’m some sort of slut. Since I’m black and they’re white I often wonder if the treatment I’m receiving is due to the over sexualization of black women in general. I feel like these men wouldn’t dare treat a white woman so distastefully. I am also full-figured and wonder if they just feel like I’m desperate or something. In any case I still worry that race is a factor. I really expected white guys to had a more conservative approach.

Can you please do a response video. And shed some light on this for women like me? Maybe I’m being hypersensitive. Or maybe I’m on to something..You be the judge. Do white male swirlers see black women as sluts?

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