QOTW: Geeky Guys Seeks Girl, but with Strings Attached.

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The question…

Hello Christelyn,

I’m going to be straight forward, how do I grab the attention of a woman as a geeky introvert? By introverted I mean I just can’t go up to just any pretty face and try to make conversation, I need a reason to not I feel like I’m not wasting my time because it takes a lot for me to go up to woman and trying to make a connection. So, my first question how do I get a woman to want to get to know without making the first move.
On top of that I’ve been told that my mindset about dating until a serious relationship happen drives a woman away, for example, when I do work up strength to ask her out on a date how do I get her to be okay with going dutch, the majority of the woman seem to want me to pay for everything but none seem to understand there isn’t a relationship established yet and I don’t want to be a free meal ticket for them? I also want to clarify that these are past first dates that happened that never had a second date or never happened because I wanted to go dutch.
Also, in one article and/or video you mentioned that 72% of black woman have a child out of wedlock, I’ve never dated a woman with child before and the subject is completely alien to me. I’m not going to lie it scares me, I’m almost 25 and i’m only being my career, on top of that i’m not fully sure the kid will respect me until he is older and doesn’t have to deal with me ( this is coming from bias experience). So, I’ve always been curious am I over thinking it and I you mentioned that you had children when you met your husband, what were his thoughts on it? Did he not care  or was he cautious when dating you and did he have concerns like me? Also, when dating your husband what did you expect from him when meeting or dealing with you and your children?
Finally, I enjoy your videos and I find them interesting.
Here’s my take…

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