QOTW: How to Get the Guy You Want with Confidence, Compliments and a Good Challenge

I recently got two letters that said the same thing.

Hello Chris,

I enjoy going on your website. It’s very informative and heartwarming to see such happy couples. I also like your videos. You seem to give good advice. I am a twenty three year old black girl who has moved across the country a few times. I was born in St. Louis, Missouri, moved to Huntsville, Alabama then to Portland, Oregon and now I live in Summerville, South Carolina. I am socially awkward and shy and that I believe comes from me moving around a few times. My social skills are rusty and I have a hard time making friends and definitely getting into the dating pool. I go to a university. I am majoring in Business Administration, though I also want to major in Computer Science. I have tried online dating, which I don’t mind talking to people on, but it’s the meeting up with them part I feel uncomfortable with doing. Do you have any advice for me on how to put myself out there?

Thanks for your time and have a blessed day!


Dear Mrs.Christelyn ,

  My name is Mariah.Im 22 years old.I LOVE your website and watching your youtube videos .I always wanted to date outside my race. Im a shy girl and when i get around guys. I get shy and quiet. I want to know how to flirt and keep up a conversation going and not go blank. When talking to a guy. Can you please help and give me some advice??

Here’s my answer to both:

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