QOTW: Single Mom Asks, “Am I Undateable?”

Touchy subject, yes.

All doom and gloom? Nope.

Hi Christelyn,

I’ve been following you since you created the new Beyond Black and White page. Let me first day that I’m a African American woman with one seven year old child. I have not been with/seen the father of my child since our child was three months old. Aftet things ended with my child’s father, I stopped dating altogether. I’ve never dated outside my race. Yet, after speaking with my parents, aunt’s and a few uncles, I was encouraged to do so. After reading your book (Swirling) I decided to give the online dating a try. I signed up and so far, I haven’t received anything. After looking at your video about a woman with three children seeking a mate, I felt bad. Does having a child truly take me out of the dating race? Should I remove my online profile?

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