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Question of the Week: “I’m in College and I Kissed a Frog!!”

Got this question last week, and I’ll bet after you read it, the BB&W Crew is going to have a lot to say about this:

I’ve been looking at your site and absolutely love it! I’m 20 year’s old from Little Rock, Arkansas and go to college one city over. I’m kind of new to dating in general, I’m kind of tall and apparently pretty but shy and apparently get more stares from guys than I’m able to notice. (My friends point these out when I don’t notice).
Well this is my summer before my junior year and as I was finally getting over my lack of luck with males my friend set me up with a guy. I’d seen him a couple of times on campus and told her he was cute but I didn’t know him. She eventually befriended him last semester and made the arrangements early this summer. He was a white guy who was apparently really into black girls.
It was great, we dated for a few weeks, and he even said he felt we were close to being official. I thought it was really fast and was surprised since it seems most guys in college had tried to ‘haller’ but could never keep real communication. The problem started right after he agreed we should be together one night. The next few days he changed from the really nice and attentive guy I always wanted to rarely talking to me. I asked what was wrong and he said nothing or he didn’t know. Three days later he said he thought it was rushed and that we should get to know each other more but that he still liked me. Well his behavior continued and when I tried to call and confront him he wouldn’t pick up and only texted me…. It hurt more since he was the first guy I kissed or went out with.
Well that’s over. Sorry it was so long. But my real question is: Since I live down in AR and in College do you think it’s really likely I’ll be able to swirl with another guy (white, asian, or whatever) that’s actually interested in a relationship? Am I to young to think about relationships with potential for more later? I sadly have never had much interest in my own race, and I finally think it’s ok to have a preference, but black guys are the only ones who’ll come up and talk to me. Do I have a chance? Or should I just wait for grade school elsewhere to date again?

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Here’s my advice:

Okay ladies and gents, the floor is yours!

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