Rainbeau Asks, Are Women of Color Into the Occult?


Got this interesting question from someone on our fan page:

Hey everyone, I asked this in another group and didn’t really get much feedback; so I hope I get more interest from a more diverse page.

My name is Simon. I have, for nearly 5 years of my life, been involved with the occult. I am currently a part of one order (which has slowly been dissolving thanks to the overreach of the OTO and other A,’,A,’, off-shoots.
For these 5 years of my life, I have been called a “Satanist”, “necromancer”, “demon” or “demon worshipper”, “Anti-Christ”, “corrupter” and so many more names that attempt to defame who I really am.
However, all of these names were derived from the mouths of “concerned” white women who go to a yoga studio and rely on their horoscope each month. 

I’m curious as to how women of other decent view these traditions – while they may be “darker” than the modernized, “New Age” methods – and see them as they relate to society.
From my own experiences, women of ethnicities other than white are more open to spirituality rather than just believing in the dogmatic teachings of the orthodoxy. Though, this isn’t true for EVERY non-white woman, I know that.

I guess my question is, would you date a guy of non-Christian practice and if so, would you be open to learning what he believes or has experienced?

It’s similar to the discussion about whether or not a black woman would date an atheist, but also quite different, because this person is “spiritual,” but not based on mainstream dogma.

What say ya’ll?

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